Tuesday, July 26, 2005


JJ 會吹泡泡了, 最近的他已經開始吃他的拳頭了, 肚子餓也吃, 想睡覺覺也吃, 心情好也吃, 一天24小時, 有一半的時間都在吃他的小饅頭. 小J, 分媽媽一口好不好?

小J的頭髮實在是太醜了, 所以媽媽決定幫你裝飾一下!


Benny said...

Teach litte J how to eat his little toe as well, i always like to see baby eating them, very cute!! :p

Unknown said...

Benny? are u the Benny from H.K.? If yes.....I have to say.....where have u been? and if not, I don't think I need to teach him, cause i guess all babies loves to do that when they are a little bit bigger....I will then post the photos of he eating his toe that time......Please wait...haha!