Thursday, May 28, 2009

慶端午 Dragon Boat Festival

2008 端午
2008 端午 2
2008 端午 3
2008 端午 4
2008 端午 5
Those pix were taken from last year's Dragon Boat Festival. By looking those pix surely reminds me of how time blast off so easily. Sean and Chandler looks so different from now and then. It was the first time of us(Sean, me, A.J. and Terissa) make those yummy "zong zi". Sadly,I guess I am just one of those who born not to be the perfect talent cook somehow. By giving up, I chose take photos of how to make them instead.

2009 端午
2009 端午 2
2009 端午 3
2009 端午 4
Those pix were taken last night when Ya Ma has finally decided making zong zi at the very last minute. (because she kept on saying how tired she is) The members of making zong zi of this year are slightly different from last year. A.J. could not attend this wonderful, educational and fun exercise due to her unfinished homeworks. Thus D.J. and J.J. (A.J.'s sisters) joined us this year instead. Unfortunately, Chandler was forbidden to get near to the working area again because he is the one who makes messes and troubles to everyone as usual.

Sean's task of this year was helping Ya Ma put in his favorite ingredient (Chinese Mushroom) in to the zong zi which D.J. helped putting Chinese sticky rice on top of it. They are not only cousins, good friends but also great teammates after all! All kids had fun this year also, guess we can do this great exercise with those positive and helpful attitudes again next year!

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