Friday, May 22, 2009

Penny crawling

Penny standing
Penny starts to stand with supports about a few weeks ago. She looks very excited when standing. I bet the world looks very different from the standing point of view~ see how happy she is in the picture?

Penny smils
Penny also start teething again from about a month ago, this time comes with 2 teeth at the bottom at the same time. I love her smile! This smile could melt me in anyway of a moody moment. She surely is my precious princess!

She made her first step of crawling a few days ago, and the way she crawls is funny and different from her brothers. She seems has less power in her legs when crawling, thus she slip and fell very easily unlike her brothers. She also shows a huge interest in LoLo (our cat). She will start to scream non stop whenever she sees her.

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