Monday, August 18, 2014

Boys Camp Diary Day 2

August 12th, Tuesday

Summer 2014 Session 7, Day 2

Dear Parents,

We had another very busy day of camp today and everyone had plenty of rest. Since the clouds were overhead in the morning, the cool temperatures allowed all to sleep in until the morning bell rang at 7 a.m. Counselors were there when campers awoke and got them started on their routines. At 8, all headed up to the dining room for a big breakfast of french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, cereal and fruit. They all needed the energy as a big day was ahead.

Teen campers spent the morning sessions on a geo caching course and leadership activities. During their afternoon sessions they had lessons in first aid and how to deal with outdoor situations. Mini campers rotated through bouldering and water play in the morning before turning their sights to archery and ecology in the afternoon.

Youth campers had three more sessions of their core activity rotation - two before lunch and one after. The second afternoon session was spent on Tent Time. During Tent Time, campers hang out with just their counselor for a non-rotation activity. Some groups played board games, some basketball, and some made bracelets amongst other things. The three core activities followed this rotation.

Blue: Giant swing, archery, river tracing
Red: Archery, river tracing, ecology
Orange: River tracing, ecology, crafts
Brown: Ecology, crafts, cooperative games
Pink: Cooperative games, climbing, giant swing
Yellow: Crafts, cooperative games, climbing
Light Blue: Climbing, giant swing, archery

Soon campers will make their way up to the dining room for dinner. We will have time to write in our journals after that and then we'll get started on our evening program - a night time camp-wide game. Mini campers will have their own games up a the lodge after dinner tonight. It is hard to believe mini campers will already on the way home tomorrow. Time flies.

Good night from Camp Taiwan

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