Monday, August 18, 2014

Boys Camp Diary Day3

August 13th, Wednesday

Summer 2014 Session 7, Day 3

Dear Parents,

We got off to a great start this morning as campers awoke to fresh blue skies after a cleansing rain the night before. The rains kept things cool cool for us as we headed up to the dining fall for breakfast. Wednesday is when the campers really start to fell the effects of long days of campy activities.

Our teen campers left immediately after breakfast for their trek into the wilderness for big river tracing. They hiked into the national forest area and the Touqian River. They scurried up small waterfalls and helped one another through the river to their lunch  spot where they enjoyed their packed lunches. Mini campers had an active morning of sports games before getting their luggage together and heading home on our afternoon bus.

Youth campers continued their core activity rotation. Starting tomorrow, core activities give way to free choice activities where they can pick and choose which activities interest them most. Below is the schedule we had for today.

Blue: Ecology, crafts, cooperative games
Red: Crafts, Cooperative games, Climbing
Orange: Cooperative games, climbing, giant swing
Brown: Climbing, giant swing, archery
Light Blue: River tracing, ecology, crafts
Pink: Archery, river tracing, ecology
Yellow: Giant swing, archery, river tracing

We had some heavy rain at the start of our afternoon activities, so some things got moved around. We were back on track for our second afternoon session which was a Youth camp-wide game.

Campers right now are watching our Pirate movie of the week. Movie night is a great chance to rest at the midway point and have a nice relaxing evening program. Our movie tonight is "Hook"

We have more adventure in store for everyone tomorrow.
Good night from Camp Taiwan,

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