Monday, August 18, 2014

Boys Camp Diary Day 4

August 14th, Thursday

Summer 2014 Session 7, Day 4

Dear Parents,
We had the best weather of the week today and it couldn't have happened on a better day with some of our campers heading to the beach for ocean kayaking. As always, we started the morning off with breakfast and juice and then went our separate ways for our free choice activities.

Teen camper spent the morning moving between giant swing and archery. It was a beautiful day for the giant swing as you could see all the way to the ocean off the north coast while swinging. In the afternoon, teems got into that same ocean during their introductory kayak session.

Youth campers started their free choice rotation. Campers no longer go around with just their teams, but instead are mixed together with other teams for their activities. For the two sessions before lunch and one session after lunch, these campers had their choice of zip line, archery and climbing for level badges, ecology, crafts and sports. For those who pre-registered for ocean kayaking, they spent the morning at the beach learning how to paddle every which way. For second period after lunch, campers joined in another camp-wide game. This time they were pirates looking for treasure around camp.

We welcomed a new group of mini campers today and they spent the afternoon on crafts and cooperative games. We had really enjoyed our 7b campers who are all very cute.

Right now we are in the middle of party night. The blog is a little late tonight, so I will include this video below. Please do not share it online until campers have left camp on saturday.

There will be more videos and pictures on the DVD.

Good night from Camp Taiwan,

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